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After the unfortunate closure of Plymouth RC's closure at original location we are pleased to say we are back open with a new track, temporary at the moment while we sort out a permanent location.

Friday June 16th, 2017

South West Regional Comes to Plymouth

With the completion of the track, we are please to announce that on 17th & 18th June the 1/8th SWORDS Series comes to Plymouth.

If you fancy coming and watching please feel free, and if you run an 1/8th Nitro or Electric buggy or truggy why not join in. There is practice on the Saturday from 12 till 5, and Sunday all day with booking in closes at 9.45 Sunday morning. And for those that are travelling there is camping track side.

To find out more about this series please go to:-

After this weekend club racing and practice resumes for all 1/10th and 1/8th Electric and nitro vehicles, for more on this and track location please go to:-

So all that is left to say is, See you there soon.
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Wednesday June 14th, 2017

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Shane SuPa PrestonWhere is it?1 week ago

Plymouth RC RacingHere are the directions to the track:- week ago

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Temp Track
A Short video showing the new Plymouth RC temporary track.

We are pleased to say we are back open.
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Sunday June 11th, 2017

Video screenshot

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Andy TannerWell done guys2 weeks ago

James BellMatt Humphrey Luke Underwood2 weeks ago

Ayden Ginge FowlerGood to see ya back up and running2 weeks ago

Tony CooperVery nice. Whats postcode of locatio2 weeks ago

Darcy BriggsJames Kane1   ·  1 week ago

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Track Work is Basically Complete

Work went well again today, the track is fit to run on and we even had some cars running round to test the track out. With a bit of work to finish the pit lane we are good to go.
Well done everyone involved you have worked hard.
See you all there soon.
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Sunday June 11th, 2017

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Jacob ParrIs this temp or permanent then and where is it?👌🏻2 weeks ago

Jeff YorkLooks great guys. Nice one!!2 weeks ago

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