2 Hour Endurance – Day 2

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Well as the end of day 2 there have been some really good racing, and for a second day the weather was very kind to us.

All day the racing was close with positions changing all the way through, and even the new teams that showed up did well. We did have an unfortunate problem where the computer rebooted half way through the day loosing the results to that point. So to make it fair we raced for an hour then doubled the laps.

At the beginning of the re-run the current leads, Standard Un-Standards, was in last place due to engine problems and second place, The Newcomers, took an early lead. All the way throught the race these two teams battled close with one another. The new team the Optimistics started off strong running their 1/10th Electrics most the time, they did well with the 10 minute run times on batteries which helped make up for the slower speed of the car.

After lots and fun and games, lots of team tactics and some very close passes the end results for the top three teams were:-
1st – Standard Un-Standards
2nd – The New Comers
3rd – The Optimistics
And the winning team for the “Best Themed” Prise was Standard Un-Standards, all the cars they ran were standard cars with un-standard modifactions that they had to make.

Thank you to everyone that turned up and helped make this event possible.