Trophy GivingHi All,

For those of you that missed the prize giving, here are the result for the year:-

2wd Short Course Trucks
1st - Jamie, 2nd - Mark, 3rd - Jonathan

1/10th 2wd Electrics
1st - Jamie, 2nd - Lewis, 3rd - Jon Ward

1/10th 4wd Electrics
1st - Jonthan , 2nd - Mike Tate, 3rd - Stephen Brooks

1/8 Rally-X Electrics
1st - Jonathan, 2nd - Chris, 3rd - Jon Ward

Truggy Electrics
1st - Tiana, 2nd - Ritch, 3rd - Trevor

1/10th Nitro
1st - Jonathan, 2nd - Trevor, 3rd - Chris

1/8 Rally-X Nitro
1st - Jon Ward, 2nd - Jonathan, 3rd - Charlie

1/5th Petrol
1st - Jonathan, 2nd - Ritch, 3rd - Nick

Truggy Nitro
1st - Jamie, 2nd - Nikki, 3rd - Ritch

Sky's The Limit Trophy - For Some one going above and beyond the call of duty to help the club.
Charlie - One of our juniors that has been to all the maintenance weekends come rain or shine, coat or no coat. Well Done Chrlie