Caravan Racing

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Well the time is ticking away to the great day of racing we call Caravan Racing!!! It is good to see that there have been already a couple of attempts attending the track to being tested. These range from basic shoe boxes with wheels, to full suspension version, there is even a school getting involved.

There are 2 question that keep getting asked about it so I will asnswer them again now for everyone.

When is it??  The Race is on Sunday 31st January 2010

What are the Rules?? The caravan has to be a minimum of the same length  of the towing vehicle if not longer. The caravan has to be securly attached so it does not come of while racing.

Some people has shown at interest to do a demolition derby at the end of the day but that is purely optional.

So come on everyone, support this great fun event as it is for a truely good cause.

To find out more please follow the link below:-