Friday Electric Racing

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Well the Electric Championship has 1 event left to be raced and there is still a fair amount to race for.

The only thing that is going to have to change for the last race of the season is the time the racing starts, due to the nights getting darker sooner we are going to have to get things underway by about 6.45 as the track is getting dark about 8.30. Saying that though as long as there are no MAJOR problems we still have plenty of time to run the 3 qualifiers and the finals in both classes.

Final note. As most of you will know we have been running the Electric Championship for 2 reasons, first is it is something different to do so we can cater for more racers. The second and in some ways the more important reason for running the Electric Championship was to help the BRCA get the Electric SWORDS up and running again, unfortunately we are the only RC Car Club in the South West that has shown any interest in getting this going again. Watch this space for more information on it.