Hi All,

I am not going to write a long description of the event, partly because being very busy from running the event, but also do not want to bore everyone.

So instead I will pass on the good news, we raised and handed over £180.00 for Huntington, had almost 50% more entrants this year than last year and with the running of the 1/10th this bought some people along that would not normally race.

The finishing results were:-

1/10th - 1st Jonathan Firmin - 2nd Chris Luckett - 3rd Chloe Hill

1/8th - 1st Dan Bligh - 2nd Lee Ellis - 3rd John Andrews

1/5th - 1st Tony Hill - 2nd Jack Beaumount - 3rd Jonathan Firmin

Truggy - 1st Jack Beaumount - 2nd Roland Thomas - 3rd Andrew Welsh

For pictures of the event - CLICK HERE