New Nitro & Electric Classes

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With the ever growning number of electric cars in all classes we have decided to go with the times and improve the club by splitting apart the Nitro and Electric cars into their own championships.

This is resulting in the one weekend being nitro classes and the following weekend being the electric championships. Every week from 10.00am till 11.45am will be open practice, Booking in will close by 11.30am so drivers meeting at 11.45 and racing underway by 12.00.

Electric Classes are:- Budget Short Course, 1/10th Buggies, 1/8th Buggies, Truggies and Outlaws.

Nitro Classes are:- 1/10th Buggies, 1/8th Buggies, 1/5th Petrols, Truggies and Outlaws.

Fees will remain the same for practice and racing, but to only practice will be £2.00 per person.

Racing will start with the Nitro Championship starting every other weekend from 6th February and Electric Championship starting on 13th February.

See You All There.