Track Work and Changes

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View of Left Side of the Track
View of Left Side of the Track from the Rostrum

Over the weekend of 8th and 9th August we carried out a major weekend of maintenance improving and tiding up the track. The whole thing started with the idea of moving the rostrum, the end result was moving the Rostrum back about 6 feet and raising it around another 9 inches. This has given a lot clearer view of the track and minimize the chance of drivers blocking other driver’s view by leaning forward. The other big thing that has been done to improve the rostrum is a decent roof has been put on it, this is so in the sun the Drivers are kept cool and in the winter the Drivers are keep dry.

Also the main straight has be widen allowing for higher speeds and a better run up to the backed corner before

View of Right Side of Track from Rostrum
View of Right Side of Track from Rostrum

the triple jump. The other benefit of widening the main straight means the edging to the Pitlane Entrance has been moved out of the run line that most the Rallycross drivers take.

By the end of Sunday the track was open for tests and trial runs to see what everyone thinks and the end result was a thumbs up from the 1/10th Nitro and Electic Buggies and Stadiums, Rally Cross guys flew round the track with out any problems, Truggy drivers (including the new ones) Bounced around leaped as high as they could. As for the 1/5th that tested the track, well he well and truely tested it by bouncing off the edge of all the new sections of the track, and yes the track did survive.

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  1. HobaoHyper7

    Nice One Cant Wait To Try It Out On Sunday The Strait Is Definately Gunna Be Better And I Can Get More Speed On My Firestorm On It An For The Triple Jump Wow. Now Youv’e Moved The Rostram Back 6 Foot That Will Increase The Speed, Cornering And The Range!!!!

  2. Jonathan

    I agree with that, there was lots of hard work gone into it and I look forward to testing my new 1/5th on the track