More Track Work and Improvements

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Lets Get DiggingOn Saturday 3rd October we had another maintenance day. This time the main purpose of the work was to rebuild the wall ride on the right hand side of the track. Since it was first built in the very beginning it has taken a lot of hard racing result in some serious wear and tear producing some pot holes.Rollering the ground

We had a good turn out of club member to help do the work, and event a lot of child were brought along to help out with the digging, fetching, moving borrows and raking after the grass was cut for the last time this year.

Compacting the SoilA lot of hard work went into the track as in order to enable the track to be used on the Sunday.  We had the use of Whacker Plate which meant once the soil was laid on the track it is compacted into the hollows that have over time appeared.

Once the day of hard work was carried out a few of us tried outGrass Cutting the changes we have done to the track and all in all it was a big thumbs up by all.

The over all main work that was carried out was the pot holes from the slalom section round to the wall ride resulting in that part of the track now being quicker. Also the triple jump down the left hand side have been worked on and the result is they have become easier to do.

To find out more please do come along and join in the fun on the track.