TYCD 2009

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Think You Can Drive 2009 ended up to be a great event and I am sure fun was had by all. We did have the odd shower, or maybe more during the night from what I hear. There was a load of us that camped and some a bit better at it than others – I must admit I was jealous of Dan and Karen’s BBQ food, from what I hear it was BBQ spare ribs from the local Chinese!! Tony was kind enough to let the rest of us use his gas BBQ along with some others using disposable BBQs before we all sat round Phil’s Hot Pot.

Some of the Action

  On the Sunday there was lots to see when everyone was not racing, and for the ladies the Fire Brigade was right next to us. There was some close racing going on in each of the classes.

It was good to see some faces from other clubs and some old faces, so to see some of the action and the fun have a look at our gallery TYCD 2009.

The Results were as follows:-

1/10th Class – 1st Lee – 2nd Dan – 3rd Jodi

1/8th Class – 1st Dan – 2nd Dave – 3rd Karen

1/5th Class – 1st Shaun – 2nd Grimbo – 3rd Jonathan

Truggy Class – 1st Tony – 2nd Kieran – 3rd Phil

And for some something different we did Best of the Best,  the top 2 out of each class in together. The results was:-

1st Dan(1/8th) – 2nd Grimbo(1/5th) – 3rd Dave(1/8th)