Happy 2015 to you all.

Here is wishing you all the best with the new year, new cars, club having a new track, new race season and new club members.

See you all soon.
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Saturday January 3rd, 2015

Any one know how long I got to charge this for ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday December 28th, 2014

Plymouth RC RacingNormally it is about three hours, depends on the mAh of the glow stick and the mAh output of the charger.2 months ago

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Hello every one, Ive just ordered a 1/10 th scale SC Truck, Electric, is there a following for this type of truck with you guys? could I come and learn to race? do you have an 4wd SC Race class?

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Tuesday December 23rd, 2014

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Plymouth RC RacingHi Steven, We do have a SC Truck class but currently is only 2wd trucks. However we will not turn you away, you can come along and join in and as the numbers grow they will get their own class :)2 months ago

Steven Jacksonwhat are the club rules for your electric 2wd sc racing, and 4wd Buggies? are there restrictions on electrics etc?2 months ago

Dave Thomaswww.plymouthrc.co.uk/website/classes-run4 weeks ago

Dave Thomasplymouthrc.co.uk/website/club-rules4 weeks ago

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New Track Designs/Layout.

After the discussion at the AGM about the track it was voted on to come up with new designs and layouts. There have been several designs already emailed in but for those of you that have not had a chance yet please can you email your designs into the groundsman at:- groundsman@plymouthrc.co.uk

The deadline for thoughts / designs / ideas to be emailed in is Tuesday 18th November. From there the committee will discuss the ideas, from there there is an EGM being held on Sunday 14th December at the track for everyone to attend to decide the final design.

So hurry and get the emails in and we look forward to seeing what you all have to offer.
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Friday November 7th, 2014

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Plymouth RC RacingWell there were several track designs submitted to the committee and they have been looked through. Now it is over to you all, on Sunday 14th December there will be a meeting to discuss the designs and work out the final design we are going to implement, with you help to build, in January. Look forward to seeing you all there.3 months ago

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The AGM was held this week to elect a new committee and give out trophies for the Annual Championships.

The new committee with their contact emails are:-
President - Jonathan - jonathan@plymouthrc.co.uk
Chairman - Steve - chairman@plymouthrc.co.uk
Secretary - Ray - secretary@plymouthrc.co.uk
Treasurer - Alex - treasurer@plymouthrc.co.uk
Groundsmen - Chris & James - groundsman@plymouthrc.co.uk

Prize Winners:-
Short Course Trucks
1st Andrius, 2nd Mark C, 3rd Chris

1/8th Electric Rally Cross
1st George, 2nd Chris, 3rd Mark Z

Truggy Electric
1st Mark Z, 2nd George, 3rd Mark C

1/8 Nitro Rally Cross
1st Steve, 2nd Paul, 3rd Sam

Nitro Truggy
1st Jonathan, 2nd James, 3rd Anthony

Sky's the Limit.
Because of his on going support for the club through attendance, helping with the maintenance and suggestions for improvements - and all this without having FaceBook when to Steve Ednie.
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Thursday October 30th, 2014