Hi all Astro is down New Track edging ordered and arriving friday. SAT and SUN Chairman and others will be laying the track edging.
we hope to run a weekend Easter Sunday and Monday, so Racing will resume, there will still be some minor work to finish once season starts but the committee will endeavour to compleat this asap..

so if you want to help sat n sunday this weekend please come up the track.
and keep an eye out for the easter weekend meeting If its possible to run that is.

regards Ray Ray Lee Secretary
PlymouthRC Racing
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Wednesday March 25th, 2015

Hi All the Committee are sorry that the page has been quiet from us, as you all know we have been busy trying to solve the ASTRO and track issue. I can confirm it will be sorted in the next couple of weekends.

astro is waiting to be delivered Next week and lots more the originaly thought. so more track covered in astro,, the rest of the track design and edging will hopefully be sorted out at the same time. and the committee are strong in the belief we want PLYMOUTH RC RACING's track to be the best ever. so tell your friends and anyone you know we are soon to be open for Racing
Cheers All RAY
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Wednesday March 11th, 2015

Happy 2015 to you all.

Here is wishing you all the best with the new year, new cars, club having a new track, new race season and new club members.

See you all soon.
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Saturday January 3rd, 2015

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Sunday December 28th, 2014

Plymouth RC RacingNormally it is about three hours, depends on the mAh of the glow stick and the mAh output of the charger.3 months ago

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Hello every one, Ive just ordered a 1/10 th scale SC Truck, Electric, is there a following for this type of truck with you guys? could I come and learn to race? do you have an 4wd SC Race class?

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Tuesday December 23rd, 2014

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Plymouth RC RacingHi Steven, We do have a SC Truck class but currently is only 2wd trucks. However we will not turn you away, you can come along and join in and as the numbers grow they will get their own class :)3 months ago

Steven Jacksonwhat are the club rules for your electric 2wd sc racing, and 4wd Buggies? are there restrictions on electrics etc?2 months ago

Dave Thomaswww.plymouthrc.co.uk/website/classes-run2 months ago

Dave Thomasplymouthrc.co.uk/website/club-rules2 months ago

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