The Classes We Run.

We will aim to run a number of different classes depending on the numbers for each that turn up.

Even though the club is new we do run (within reason) the following classes even if it means putting some of them together for the race it’s self:-

Off Road Classes:-

  • 1/10th Nitro Buggies
    • Nitro Engines upto .18
  • 1/8th Rally Cross Nitro Buggies
    • Nitro Engines over .21
  • 1/8th Monster Truck/Truggy/Outlaw Nitro
    • Any Size vehicle
    • Any Size Nitro Engine
  • 2wd Short Course Electric Trucks
    • Motor not Below 10 Turn
    • Battery 2s Lipo or 8.4v NiMh Maximum
    • “Landrover Style” tires only
  • 2wd 1/10th Electric Buggies
    • 2s Lipo Maximum or 7┬áSub-C
  • 4wd 1/10th Electric Buggies
    • 2s Lipo Maximum or 7┬áSub-C
  • 1/8th Electric Rally X
    • 4s Lipo Maximum or 14 Sub-C
  • 1/8th Monster Truck/Truggy/Outlaw Electric
    • 4s Lipo Maximum or 14 Sub-C

We do not cater for 1/5th scale vehicles on the track.

These classes have been determined by the class of cars people are turning up with, if there is a big enough demand (3 or more cars) for other classes then we will introduce them.

At the end of this year there will be trophies for the championship we are running every other week.

Till Then Keep it fast and have fun.