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Club Rules

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These are a brief overview of the rules, for full rules please download the rule book.

Race & Practice Day Fees – Off Road Racing

Club Members
Juniors – £5.00 for first 2 classes
Seniors – £8.00 for first 2 classes

Guests Drivers
Juniors – £10.00 for first 2 classes
Seniors – £10.00 for first 2 classes

Special Day Events
Can be charged at different rates from above rates


Juniors, Under 16 – £15.00 full year or £10.00 after 1st June with proof of BRCA insurance
Seniors – £25.00 or £15.00 after 1st June  with proof of BRCA insurance

BRCA Insurance is available from HERE

BRCA or similar insurance is required after attending the club 3 times.

Drivers Rules

  1. Safety towards other racers and the general public is the most important thing
  2. Frequency check MUST be done before running of any car
  3. After 3 times of attending the club a fail safe must be fitted to the vehicle – Random checks will be carried out from time to time.
  4. Car MUST have the manufacturers bumper fitted. Personal adaptations are permitted at the discretion of the committee
  5. Noise Levels – NO CAR can be run with a broken exhaust system. All Cars found to do so will be asked to be removed from the Track. Breakages include split silicon joiners, loose manifolds,
    missing stingers, etc.
  6. All drivers Marshall the race directly after the one you have just entered. If you race back to back then it is your responsibility to organise a replacement. Failure to do so will result in points not counting towards the following race.
  7. Everyone must, where possible help with the running and the organization of the races. These include setup and packing up of the track and tiding up littler at the end of the day.
  8. Litter must be kept to a minimum. Under NO circumstance will fuel be discarded on Racing premises.


  1. Your models are your own responsibility, damage incurred whilst practicing/racing will be at your own expense.
  2. All drivers, will at ALL times, take evasive action. Excessive contact and aggressive driving/conduct will result in the following action being taken.
    1. Verbal request to amend
    2. Disqualification for the Heat
    3. Disqualification for the Day
  3. Speeding around the site will result in the following action
    1. Formal Warning
    2. Asked not return to the track – This is harsh but we can not afford to loose our track.


Points are worked out on the following system

1st – 100, 2nd – 99, 3rd – 98, etc for the finishing position in the finals.

Best 4 rounds from 6 count towards the Quarterly Championship

2 of 3 quarters count towards the yearly shields.

Pit Table Area

Please observe and park in the designated area, this has been placed a safe distance from the race circuit and away from obstructing local residents.

“Pit tables”
it is good practice for each member to acquire and use a Pit Table, this will be encouraged by the Club as it will enable you to place all your equipment up off the floor which will limit the risk of damage to your valuable equipment along with the grounds used to race at.

We do offer at the off road track and certain amount of pit tables ready for racers to use.